Kasikci Machine industry Our company established in 1985 and has been exporting to 27 countries today, in enjoying the happiness to be in the service of you on Milling Machines with its vast experience and stable quality intelligence.Our firm has been proved with iso-9001:2000 and CE quality assurance certification
We have been following the contemporary technological developments at close range at our works since the day we established our company and adapting the innovation. Our mission is to market he competition potency of our customers stable by offering the productive and quality production atmosphere at international standards using the latest technology.
The powerful body structure at all the machines manufactured in our plant, unproblematic and quick operation, at the latest technological equipment workmanship, long-life and technical support together with the customers satisfaction is accepted as unchangeable principle
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KASIKCI MAKINA Sanayi. -  Ankara Yolu 8.km (Corum) Turkey
Telephone: +90 364 2350246/2350345 Fax: +90 364 2350247